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2023-03-15 10:51:47

Zynova Shalby: Raising the standards of successful joint replacement surgery

With arthritis emerging as the fourth cause of physical disability in India, a joint replacement procedure has become the rising need of the hour. Given the complications attached, the high success rate of the arthroplasty surgery significantly depends on the specialty and techniques of the orthopedic surgeon and post operative care. To resolve the difficulty in mobility and stiffness after the replacement, the surgeons at Zynova Shalby use the minimally invasive ‘zero technique’. The technique provides speedy recovery, helping patients to walk within few hours of the surgery.

Zero technique has revolutionized the replacement surgery with its minimal incision and exposure to reshape and resurface the roughened bones. The entire surgery is completed in just 8

- 10 minutes. The benefits of the surgery can be seen in the form of less blood loss, minimal consumption of drugs, negligible side effects and a hospital stay of only 4 - 7 days. The Ortho & Joint Reconstruction department at the Zynova Shalby hospital is renowned for exceptional counseling and state-of-art technology. The group has completed a total of 140000 successful joint replacements till date.

Zynova Shalby is equipped with best-in-class modular OT. Its Centrally Sterile Department consists of an exclusive Plasma Sterilizer which is integrated to eliminate any infections or risks.

In addition to world-class equipment, the hospital is home to a team of leading, highly trained orthopedic surgeons and consultants including Dr. Dhananjay Parab and Dr. Srisanat Rao, who have years of expertise in replacement surgery using the zero technique. They are also closely involved in the post-operative management and care of patients 24*7.

For queries on orthopaedic issues and any requirement for joint replacement surgeries, Zynova Shalby hospital presents a holistic approach with complete care and consultation.

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