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2022-07-25 08:58:04

How Does Radiation Therapy Work?

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is a part of cancer treatment. The Hospitals in Ahmedabad utilize high doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells and shrink the tumours. This therapy in combination with chemotherapy is known to be efficacious for treating cancer and increasing survival rates. 


How Does Radiation Therapy Kill Cancer? 


Radiation therapy involves emitting high doses of radiation that kill or slow down the progress of cancer cells. These radiations directly target the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA of the cancer cells. Cancer cells whose DNA’s are damaged are unable to divide and eventually die. When these cells die, they are broken down and eliminated by the body. 


It is also important to note that radiation therapy does not kill cancer cells immediately. The Radiation oncologist in Ahmedabad repeatedly exposes the patient to high doses of radiation for days or weeks. This repetitive therapy goes on damaging the DNA which results in the death of cancer cells. These dead cancer cells are eventually eliminated by the body. 


What Are the Types of Radiation Therapies? 


The Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad provides two types of radiation therapy: 


External Beam Radiation: As the name suggests, external beam radiation is targeted from a special machine. The machine aims the radiation at the targeted site. It is also called local treatment as it targets a specific part of the body. 


Internal Beam Radiation: In the internal beam radiation, the radiation source is put inside your body. The source may be in the form of solid or liquid. Usually, a solid form is preferred. It involves capsules, seeds, or ribbons containing radiation sources. The source is placed near the tumour site. It emits radiation and kills the tumour cells. 


The type of radiation therapy is decided by the Radiation oncologist in Ahmedabad by determining the following factors: 


  • The type of cancer. 
  • The size and location of the tumour in the body. 
  •  Previous medical history. 
  •  Previous cancer treatments. 
  • Other medical conditions. 


How is Radiation Therapy Combined with Other Cancer Treatments? 


The combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy is considered efficacious for most cancer patients. Some patients, however, may only need radiation to cure cancer. To improve survival rates and avoid remission of cancer, the Hospitals in Ahmedabad prefer a combination therapy. Depending on the patient’s condition, the oncologist may suggest a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy (if needed). 


Radiation therapy may be given before, during, or after the other treatment methods. It might be administered before surgery to shrink the size of tumour cells making them easy to remove from the body. It may be given during the surgery to clear out the presence of even minute cancer cells. Moreover, it may be administered after the surgery to kill the remaining cancer cells. 


How Does Radiation Therapy Affect Health? 


In some cases, radiation therapy may even kill healthy cells surrounding the cancer tissues. This causes damage to the healthy living cells in the body. Some patients might even feel sick after the radiation. Your body may take the time up to several weeks to adjust to the treatment method. 


Shalby Hospital is recognized for providing safe and effective radiation therapy to cancer patients. Our Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide excellent treatment and improve patient outcom

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